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Our Electric Steam Boiler is used for various purpose and in various size and capacities From small to large industries

• Automatic Heat on/off, Pressure cut off switch, Water level cut off motor system
• High steam efficiency
• Quick temperature raising
• single tank structured in horizontal type
• Safety valve two in number
• Fully automatic
• Steam Boiler are electric powered 6-100kw
• Soundless

Automated with High power Heater, High quality pump, Super grade metal, High-end design, Simple operating system, high performance steam output quality, pure steam generator, 8 to 10 bar pressure.

Applications: drying, heating, sterilization etc...

Industrial usages:
1. Food and Beverage industry
• Raw rice steaming for paddy mill • Raw Noodles steaming • Oil mill • Poultry Food processing (Fish food, Cattle food etc...)
2. Rubber industry
3. Leather Industry
4. Laundry
5. Fragrance extraction
6. Hotels
7. Concrete Bricks/ Cement bricks processing
8. Wood/ Plywood processing
9. Paper industry
10. Bamboo
11. Pharmaceutical
12. Laboratory
13.Garments factory

Customized boiler is also designed and manufactured based on your requirements

Electric boiler

Capacity : 25-200kg
Pressure : 2 bar
Completely customizable

Electric boiler

Capacity : 50-400kg
Pressure : 2 bar
Completely customizable

Electric boiler

Capacity : 100-900kg
Pressure : 2 bar
Completely customizable

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Electric Boiler manufacturer and supplier

HINDUSTAN BOILERSTM Established in the year 1991, Started in order to provide high quality and long-lasting Boilers. Our Company passed ISO 9001 certificate We have been providing Boilers for various fields and as per our Customer requirement and are very much concerned on customer satisfaction. As safety is most important factor in usage of boiler we use ‘A’ grade materials. We Export to all the countries. Our business aims to expand its line of products and services and cater to a larger client base. It is known to provide top service in the following categories: Boiler Exports and Manufacturers, We readily answer any queries or questions that you may have

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